Instaraise is building DeFi universe on Tezos blockchain. We help entrepreneurs to turn their web3 ideas into production by helping them with incubation, guidance, platform and everything in-between.

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Greetings, NFT aficionados! We’re beyond excited to introduce our forthcoming INO (Initial NFT Offering) platform, Artsale – a comprehensive solution designed for NFT artists and buyers alike. At Artsale, our goal is to empower NFT creators and the entire NFT community by delivering a seamless and user-friendly crowdfunding experience. In this blog, we’ll guide you […]

30 Mar, 2023

Welcome to “This week on Tezos” where we aggregate all the latest news and updates around the Tezos ecosystem and present it to you every week. Get all the information about the ecosystem at one place. This week, we have several exciting developments and news items to share with the Tezos community XTZ price update […]

25 Feb, 2023

Tezos (XTZ) has been making some exciting moves in the cryptocurrency world lately. One of the reasons for this is its growing partnerships with governments and private institutions around the globe. These partnerships are helping to increase the adoption and usage of Tezos in various industries and regions. Consistent partnerships The California motor department recently […]

16 Feb, 2023

Welcome to the first blog post of “This week on Tezos” where we aggregate all the latest news and updates around the Tezos ecosystem and present it to you in a simplified language. Get all the information about the ecosystem every week in one place. This week, we have several exciting developments and news items […]

10 Feb, 2023

Tezos, a decentralized blockchain platform, has been making waves in the crypto space for its innovative solutions and commitment to continuous improvement. One of the most recent developments in the Tezos ecosystem is the Mumbai Upgrade, which has brought significant changes to the platform. In this article, we will take a closer look at the […]

03 Feb, 2023

Scatter, developed by Instaraise, is the token distribution tool on the Tezos blockchain. This tool has been designed to make it easier for community members to distribute crypto tokens and interact with Decentralized Finance (DeFi) applications on Tezos. FA1.2 and FA2 support Multiple Token Standards: Scatter supports multiple token standards, such as FA1.2 and FA2, […]

31 Jan, 2023

At Instaraise, we have been focused on building and uplifting the DeFi ecosystem on the Tezos blockchain. We have a long-standing history of contributing to the growth and development of the Tezos community. 2022 has been a great year for Instaraise as we have been focusing on building various Defi tools while combating the market […]

24 Jan, 2023

Financial instruments exist to help individuals and institutions save, manage, and grow their assets. Yet many investors find themselves unhappy or lacking motivation to indulge in most of the traditional asset classes due to a variety of reasons, some of which includes issues with accessibility, associated costs and regulatory red tapes, large ticket sizes combined […]

10 Oct, 2022

Instaraise, the first of its kind decentralized fundraising and incubation protocol on Tezos protocol, has been preparing the ground for a full-fledged DeFi offering on its path to introduce Instaraise v2.0. Some of the prominent products and features included in the upgrade includes the InstaDEX decentralized exchange platform and a cross-chain bridge connecting Tezos ecosystem […]

24 Sep, 2022

Decentralized Finance, DeFi is a revolutionary application of cryptocurrency’s underlying blockchain technology that has expanded the horizons of global finance. Created as an alternative to the traditional financial ecosystem, DeFi applications were made possible by Ethereum – the first ever programmable blockchain protocol with smart contract capabilities. The DeFi space has grown since then, with […]

09 Sep, 2022

With blockchain ecosystems getting vibrant and versatile, more users are getting captivated by all they have to offer. However, slow speeds and expensive fees throughout the industry are causing them great inconvenience despite a slew of great applications created by developers. What is needed is a blockchain that is faster and more affordable to use.

29 Aug, 2022

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is an emerging financial technology based on secure distributed ledgers similar to those used by cryptocurrencies. The system removes the control banks and institutions have on money, financial products, and financial services.

27 Jun, 2022

What’s ahead for the the future of Web3 and DeFi ecosystem? Founders of Instaraise and ShuttleOne discusses the advantages of Multichain and explore the possibilities of including Metachain support in InstaDEX

04 Jun, 2022

We have successfully completed our public sale on 9th September 2021 on Instaraise’s own platform. The sale was supposed to be held for 72 hours but surprisingly the whole token pool was exhausted within the first 60 seconds of our public sale.

14 Sep, 2021

To operate the launch pad, offer staking rewards, competitions and marketing we are launching a $INSTA FA 2 (Non fungible) token. Users will need to hold this token to be eligible to participate in IDO OTC (Over the counter) funding campaigns. This token is also a reward token where we will be rewarding holders for being a part of the community.

12 Aug, 2021